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Georeferenced data

Georeferenzierte Messdaten in der mobilen AbflussmessungGeoreferenced data in the hydrometry are thanks to the multiple data channels available for DataLog Hydro Wireless, in combination with high-quality GNSS systems of brand manufacturers such as Leica Geosystems and Trimble, a breeze.

An easy to use solution that allows you to collect high quality data without adding complexity to the measurement process is the use of high precision GNSS systems (global navigation satellite system).


Satellite navigation for your discharge measurement

Connect a GNSS-receiver to the DataLog Wireless Hydro and you will automatically record two separate data streams to determine the path of the boat: In addition to the bottom track signal high precision position data will be available from the GNSS receiver. This allows you to compare both paths in post processing showing you whether or not the bottom-track signal is trustworthy. Rather than dismissing the measurement in case of a moving bed you can now simply you the GNSS signal as path reference for the discharge calculation. This not only saves cost and time but also enhances the quality of your data by always recording redundant paths using two different methods of measurement.


The DataLog Wireless Hydro-GNSS bundles includes Leica Geosystems GNSS-receivers giving you highest precision position measurement. The receivers not only utilize the American Navstar GPS but also satellites from the Russian GLOSNASS system. Since the accuracy of the position is directly dependent on the number of visible satellites using multiple satellite providers ensures high quality data. The European Galileo system being assembled right now will also be available with the Leica Geosystem GNSS-receivers as soon as it becomes operational.


Simple Handling with DataLog Wireless Hydro

Experience a new type of freedom in dealing with your measurement equipment with DataLog Wireless Hydro: Eliminating interfering components on the side of the receiver like cables, radio modems or batteries allows you to conduct your measurement in less time. Thus you save costs and time allowing you to focus on the essentials. All the while your data validity is significantly enhanced when using the DataLog Wireless Hydro GNSS bundle solution.


Optimized for use in Hydrometry

Multiple interfaces make DataLog Wireless Hydro the perfect instrument to combine ADCP instruments with GNSS-receivers: All components of the system are powered by a single battery which is monitored by means of the TrueVoltage option alerting you in advance when it's time to change the batteries. There is no need for a separate receiver thus eliminating components like cables and batteries that are necessary with other solutions. This not only reduces the risk of accidents but also makes monitoring the measurement a lot less cumbersome.

DataLog Wireless Hydro relocates the serial interfaces right into the laptop used to record the measurement. Assembly and disassembly of the system, for instance during bathymetry measurements at multiple nearby sites is no longer necessary.