Advanced Package

Optimal maintenance for your equipment with our Advanced Package

Customer Care Advanced PackageDecrease the probability of failure by a regular preventive maintenance of your DataLog Wireless Hydro and increase the availability of your entire system. Read more...

Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Service - Measurement with oszilloscopeWe offer maintenance and support services for any equipment purchased from us. We also provide on-site assistance with the initial configuration of your devices according to your specifications.

To always use the latest software versions, we recommend our customized Customer Care Packages (support and maintenance packages). These packages allow you to both to stay up to date (firmware + software application) and to increase the operational availability of your DataLog Wireless Hydro through a regular inspection and maintenance and this at fixed prices! Benefit from the comprehensive included services such as the free go and return shipping.

Do you have questions regarding the operation of a product purchased no longer than a year ago? Then please contact the customer service team.
Our highly qualified professionals will be happy to assist you in solving any kind of problem.

Even after the one-year warranty period, we'll gladly support you in every possible way. Whether in the form of a one-time on-demand service or within the scope of full-service maintenance contracts for an extended period of time - we'll be happy to provide an individual service offering based on your requirements. For further discussion please contact our sales team.