Blue Package

The »All-inclusive-package« for your equipment with price advantage

Customer Care Blue Package - The »All-inclusive-package« for your equipment with price advantageTake it all and benefit from our Blue package: It includes as "all-inclusive package" all benefits of the Basic and Advanced packages combines with a price advantage over the regular prices! Read more...

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Detail DLWH adapter cableQuickly connect all your external devices to a DataLog Wireless Hydro using multiple data channels: the GNSS/GPS receiver, the echo sounder, etc. All major manufacturers like Trimble and Leica Geosystems are covered by the wide variety of our adapter cable solutions.

The accessories program has been extended by another two adapter cables solutions. To connect a GNSS/GPS receiver from Leica Geosystems (LGS-1200 Series) to your Wireless DataLog Hydro, use the DLWH-Cable-LGS-1200. Also newly added is the adapter cable set DLWH-Cable-DLWHm-M12m, providing an easy way to connect all recent M12 components to your DataLog Wireless Hydro with push-pull connectors. The adapter cables have been designed for durability and are entirely made of high-quality, specially selected components.