Consulting and Training

Consulting and TrainingWe are happy to advise and to provide assistance with regard to hardware and software designed for use in embedded systems. Benefit from our expertise and experience of many years in both hardware and software development.

You are looking for professional input regarding the revision of your existing product? You want independent external advice or help in assessing your existing development and/or manufacturing documents? No problem! We're there to help with our know-how and years of experience. Our range of consulting services includes:

  • Revision of existing designs in order to extend product life
  • Review of your manufacturing documentation for starting a volume production of your electronic components or devices
  • Requirements Management (specifications)
  • Feasibility considerations (resources, know-how, opportunities / risks)
  • Technical Architecture (hardware design)
  • EMC-compliant design
  • Verification and Validation

We also conduct trainings on various topics, tailored to fit to your company and matching your products, such as:

  • ESD-compliant assembly of electronic components in manufacturing
  • Trainings on various topics

For further questions please contact our sales team.