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PNT-HYDRO gestartetNow you can find all information about the field of hydrometry and environmental measuring technology on our newly launched platform PNT-HYDRO. Visit us still today and benefit from our wide range of modern and innovative solutions and products from different vendors and partners. Read more...

Georeferenced data

Georeferenced data at moving bed conditionsGeoreferenced data in the hydrometry are thanks to the multiple data channels available for DataLog Hydro Wireless, in combination with high-quality GNSS systems of brand manufacturers such as Leica Geosystems and Trimble, a breeze. Read more...

Discharge measurement in moving bed conditions

Hochwasser in SteyrWhen carrying out discharge measurements with an ADCP instrument using the moving boat method the usual way of determining the path along which the measurement was taken is "bottom track". This method uses the reflexion of acoustic pulses from the sole of the river to measure the velocity of the moving boat relative to the bed. This information is then used to calculate the path of the measurement. Read more...

Our contribution to climate protection

Our contribution to climate protectionThe climate change concerns us all. Therefore, we take our responsibility towards the environment perceive and act actively to climate protection. Read more...

Innovation meets precision

Innovation meets Precision - Combine DataLog Wireless products with Leica GNSS/GPS systemsCombine the innovative DataLog Wireless products with a GNSS system from Leica Geosystems and benefit from the new mobility "Made in Germany" and the Swiss precision and from the resulting improved data quality. Read more...

PortReplicator Option

Port Replicator for DataLog Wireless Hydro

DataLog Wireless Hydro - PortReplicator OptionThe PortReplicator option enables multiple applications to access simultaneously the data streams provided by DataLog Wireless Hydro.

The innovative PortReplicator option allows you to use simultaneously with multiple applications the data streams provided by Hydro DataLog Wireless. Thus you are able, for example at a suspend measurement to use the GNSS system-provided location data simultaneously for several live evaluations. You can save time and money and you have more time to concentrate on the important things.


System Requirements

DataLog Wireless Hydro or DataLog Wireless Hydro XR, Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3, Webbrowser IE 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and higher


Ordering Information

DLWH PortReplicator Option
SKU: 030110023

Short Description
Port Replicator for DataLog Wireless Hydro, Software Option for DLWH, allows various software applications to access simultaneously data streams

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