Blue Package

Customer Care Blue Package - The »All-inclusive-package« for your equipment with price advantageTake it all benefit from our Blue package: It includes as "all-inclusive package" all benefits of the Basic and Advanced and combines with a price advantage over the regular prices!

With the Blue Package, you will benefit from the support of the system firmware and software applications as well from access to our customer help desk and the PNT DownloadArea as well from a regular comprehensive preventive maintenance and function check of your DataLog Wireless Hydro. Faulty components can be identified and replaced. You will receive upon successful completion of a certificate as proof. You will also benefit from the free return shipping to various discounts on spare parts - and a repair should take some more time - even for our rental equipment pool.

Scope of services Blue Package

System firmware and software applications support

  • Activation for the PNT Software Subscription Program (SSP)
  • Activation for the installation of free updates and releases

Customer support via PNT Helpdesk

  • Hotline support for free
  • Discounts on PNT Academy training
  • Discounts on installation support
  • Free access to PNT DownloadArea

Technical Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance and function check every maintenance intervall
    • Incoming components inspection with backup of customer configuration, determining the equipment conditions
    • System check DataLog Wireless Hydro
    • Radio link check
    • connector and cable inspection
    • Inspection of accessories (without main battery)
    • Backup battery replacement (every 2 years)
  • Review and update the system firmware and software applications (only for valid Customer Care Package Basic or Blue)
  • Shipping costs for go and return delivery
  • Discounts on the current valid pricelist for spare parts
  • Discounts on the current valid hire pricelist for replacement systems
  • Service certificate

For any further questions or to individual offers please contact our sales team.